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Taitung's first choice is the Naruwan venue for festive banquets, birthday banquets, large conferences, seminars, business gatherings and exhibition venues.
The multi-functional design space, with HACCP high-quality catering, will make each feast show you decent and generous.

【Exclusive wedding banquet】
Wedding master secretary,
wedding adviser, intimate consultation,
etiquette related consultation
reception table six-piece group,
new guests, pre
banquet location card
bride exclusive lounge, dressing room
new couple Special price for hotel accommodations for relatives and friends
plus purchase of theme wedding decorations, enjoy a discounted price of $20,000 (up to)

【Venue equipment】
Wedding banquet seat configuration diagram
digital venue instruction screen
wedding photo display table
wedding photo rack
exquisite recipes
customized table card
welcome wedding candy
rofessional millions of videos Sound and light hardware equipment
professional audio-visual staff
projection equipment, microphones

【Private over 10 tables】
Luyehong Oolong Unlimited Drinks
Unlimited Drinks
Floral Arrangement
Main Table Flowers, Silverware
Exquisite Decoration, Main Tables and Chairs Back Flowers

【20 Tables or More】
Luyehong Oolong Unlimited Drinks, Unlimited Drinks
Unlimited Drinks
Floral Arrangement
Main Table, Flowers, Silverware
Main Table Flowers, Silverware
Romantic Champagne Tower
Wedding Music Planning
Wedding Program Design
French Imported AOC 1 Bottle of Red Wine, 2 Bottles of Beer
Banquet Hall Theme Set

Attention Matters:
"Preferential price", please contact the service staff to tailor for you
"Under the age of 18, please do not drink, no drink driving"