Pet Hotel

Evergreen Sports Center LL

Naruwan Hotel provides the Evergreen Sports Center in the hotel for older travelers after arriving at the hotel, so that older travelers can also enjoy activities during their journey.

Opening hours

  1. For hotel registered guests, please present your room card to the on-site service staff for free use.
  2. Please take a health measurement before exercising.
  3. It is recommended to use the same proximity card or ID number to log in to the sports console.
  4. The smart system will help recommend your suitable exercise intensity.
  5. Please wear clothes suitable for sports to enter.
  6. Any improper use of fitness equipment will cause injury, please use it carefully.
  7. The hotel reserves the right to refuse guest entry or enforce guest departure.
  8. Visitors entering the venue will bear the risk of using the equipment, and the hotel is not responsible for compensation for any accidents.
  9. In order to maintain health and safety, it is recommended to take a one-hour break after a meal before entering the stadium and warm up before exercise.