Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel LL

In order to welcome travelers who love pets, Naruwan Hotel hereby set up a five-star pet hotel, which allows you to take your pets and at the same time to let the furry baby enjoy it.

Opening hours

  1. The key must be returned to the counter of the leisure center when checking out.
  2. The key is kept by the owner. If it is lost, a compensation fee of NT$500 will be charged.
  3. Do not knock or pat the pet room of non-own pets to avoid frightening other pets.
  4. If cleaning pets, please keep the environment clean and tidy.
  5. If your pet is sick, please tell the truth.
  6. This pet hotel only provides storage and cannot provide emergency medical services and full-time care. If you have any doubts, please consider other pet hotels that require a fee.
  7. During the stay, the hotel’s partner hospital isXinyu Animal Hospital .
  8. Pets must be tied or caged when going out and entering the pool to avoid falling into the pool. The owner shall pay compensation for cleaning the pool.